Secure cutting and deburring with Ultra Cutting & Deburring

Secure cutting and deburring with Ultra Cutting & Deburring
24/06/2019Burrs are unavoidably formed when cutting through stainless steel surfaces such as a plate or round tube, and for the sake of convenience these are often removed with the cutting disc itself. At first sight, this may seem to be the most logical approach, but it is certainly not the safest option. With Ultra Cutting & Deburring Cibo now has the perfect disc for both cutting and deburring.

Let your stainless steel shine as before

Let your stainless steel shine with InoxiClean Restore
20/05/2019Have you completed your spring cleaning already? Have you thought about your stainless steel items such as railings, benches, posts and mailboxes? Because make no mistake, the winter is hard for stainless steel. And despite being much more resistant to the elements of nature than traditional steel, stainless steel is not entirely maintenance-free. With InoxiClean Restore, Cibo offers the ideal cleaning product to keep Jack Frost at bay.

New: CPC spindle-mounted wheels

CPC spindle-mounted wheels
17/01/2019Are you looking for a flexible abrasive material that you can use to remove weld discolouration in hard-to-reach spots or to clean up a work piece? Look no further than Cibo’s Cutting & Polishing tex (CPC), which is now available as spindle-mounted grinding wheels.
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