New: Finit-All machine


Finishing stainless steel was never so easy

Get to know the stainless steel finishing world by using the latest machine in the Finitools range from Cibo. The Finit-All is the perfect tool for those who are unfamiliar with stainless steel or who only work on it occasionally.

However, the Finit-All is more than just a pure finishing machine, it is a real all-rounder. With a speed range of 2000 - 7600 rpm, the Finit-All can be used for both finishing and (light) grinding work.


One of the biggest advantages of the Finit-All is its accessibility, often a tricky matter in the world of abrasives. Thanks to the extremely flat drive head, even sharp angles and hard-to-reach areas up to 45° can be finished easily and quickly. The slim handle and short motor ensure great ease of use. It makes this machine a very compact inner corner grinder and an extremely handy angle grinder.


Speaking of angles, and more specifically, inside corners. The Finit-All and our patented Combi unitized finishing disc are perfectly matched. Combi unitized enables you to quickly and easily remove the weld seam in an inside corner and finish it to the smallest detail. These unitized discs provide a uniform finish throughout the life of the disc. The flat drive of the Finit-All means you can wear the discs down further than when using a standard angle grinder. This unique combo literally pays for itself.

In addition, this machine has a 150-mm protective cover. In other words, it is ideal for use with the Combi unitised; however, a new Ø150-mm zirconium flap disc has been developed especially for the Finit-All to perform grinding work. Thanks to its larger diameter, this disc has more abrasive material and a longer life of the disc.

All the information at a glance:

  • Very handy machine for the perfect processing of stainless steel

  • Speed range: 2000-7600 rpm

  • Power: 1000 Watt

  • Perfect ergonomics thanks to the slim grip and short motor

  • Patented dust protection for motor ensures a long service life

  • Sophisticated operation with infinitely variable and almost constant speed

  • Spindle shaft blocking for fast accessory replacement (which cannot be pressed in accidentally)

  • Overload protection protects the motor against overheating

  • Electronic soft start

  • Restart protection: prevents accidental starting of the machine after power failure

  • Auto-stop carbon brushes for the protection of the motor

  • • 150-mm protective cover, perfect in combination with Combi unitized discs


In order to begin work immediately with this machine, we have put together an extensive accessory set in a sturdy and spacious metal toolbox containing various accessories. This ensures everything required for providing inside corners (flat and round) and external corners with a brushed finish is available. Furthermore, scratches can be removed and sanding errors corrected with the SAG finishing disc, while the new zirconium flap disc has excellent grinding qualities.