Abrasive rolls

abrasive rolls

The Cibo warehouse has a complete section stocked with jumbo rolls of basic materials. The quantities are huge. A permanent stock of approximately 1,500 abrasive rolls in some 400 different grades or grit size ranges guarantees that you will find what you are looking for. Are you looking for rolls in an unusual width? Please contact Cibo -- we will make them for you in any width you need.

Check the section "Conventional abrasive materials" for more background information on the different qualities and their properties.


Cibo will very quickly produce for you any size, grade or grit that is not listed in the overview. After all, customisation is the norm at Cibo.  

Paper rolls: importance of the backing
In choosing the correct paper type, flexibility and the tear-resistance are two important parameters. These are determined by the weight of the paper. The letters “A” through “F” refer to the weight. “A” refers to the lightest type of paper, “F” the heaviest.
Generally speaking, paper types A, B and C are a lot more flexible and can be used for finer grit types. The grades on a flexible backing ensure a finer and more homogenous finish in comparison to heavier backings. The latter are preferred for coarser grit types and therefore for more aggressive applications.