Time saving kits

Time saving kits

The perfect finish in a box

Our team of specialists in abrasives has created six solutions for you, specifically for working with stainless steel. With these kits, you can familiarise yourself with the exceptional features and possibilities of Cibo’s innovative products. The kits will also help you quickly and easily achieve a professional result.



The packaging

In a single kit, you will find everything you need to give your stainless steel workpiece a professional finish.

Inside the box you will find a sophisticated range of innovative abrasive products specially made for each specific application.

On the back of the wrapper is a poster-sized step-by-step guide to help you achieve what you want to do. In addition, each kit contains a unique link where you can find a detailed instruction video packed with useful tips and tricks.


Where to buy?

Our kits are available at your authorised Cibo partner.

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 Choose your solution:

Brush finish of mitres and outside box sections


Brush finish of inside box sections and tube joints


Brush finish of outside tube joints


Polishing of mitres and outside box sections


Polishing of inside box sections and tube joints


Polishing of outside tube joints

No matches.