Success stories

  • 17/05/2019
    Stainless steel and art go together perfectly, as demonstrated every day by visual artist Karel Hadermann. Just think of the 10 metre-high, 1500 kg monument “De troeven van Tessenderlo”, which gives the Engsbergen roundabout an extra cachet. However, things did not stop there. For example, “De Geluksplukker” was officially inaugurated in Kortenaken last autumn. Thanks in part to the advice and products from Cibo, it has become a work of art that has everyone talking in Kortenaken and the surrounding area.
  • 23/02/2017
    2017 couldn't start any worse for our distributor Junco Trading in Dubai. On January 5th their stock was completely destroyed by a fierce fire. "Thanks to the extraordinary super fast delivery of Cibo of a complete new stock order, we achieved 65% of our revenue target for January and we were able to avoid the much-feared manufacturing downtime at our customers", says Syed Sabah, sales manager. "Without the support of our partners, customers and suppliers we would never have been able to overcome this incident as fast as we did".
  • 08/12/2016
    Friday morning and the sky is a crystal clear blue in the Brittany region of France. There are just three demo visits left on the agenda and then we can start the long drive home. After an entire week full of product demonstrations and providing technical support for local dealers, Belgium is beckoning. The weekend is just around the corner. “Where are you?” asks Gilles from Comptoir des Adhésifs et Dérivés. “In Brittany! It’s really close to Normandy!” “Can you stop by really fast, on your way home, and help me out with a customer who’s having trouble?” I sure can... for the price of a pint afterwards!
  • 10/05/2016
    "A former colleague introduced me to Cibo products and they managed to convince me quickly. Cibo offers a wide range of products for the sanding and grinding of steel, and this is precisely what we need. Moreover, we also enjoy tremendous support; Cibo reviews our new products and identifies opportunities to accelerate and/or simplify our processes. We think it is imperative to have a supplier who works so closely with us. It keeps us competitive with our competitors, and our customers benefit from that.", Lloyd Blomme, head of stainless steel department, Maeyaert.
  • Rik Beuselinck, Artist
    Rik Beuselinck enjoys worldwide fame as an artist. Metal sculptures are his passion and his life. That's why, he has recently been counting on Cibo's expertise and materials to turn his creative ideas into reality. For Rik, the reason is very simple: "Recently, I had a very special project, but I was totally stuck. I had 2 cylinders that needed to be polished to a mirror finish. The problem was that they were large surfaces. Honestly, I just could not think of a solution. I decided to contact Roel Esselens from Cibo. Roel demonstrated each step, down to the smallest detail, and the result was truly amazing.
  • Dirk Boquez, productiemanager Packo Inox
    More than 20 years ago we chose Cibo based on quality but this alone is no longer sufficient if you want to make a difference. Prices are almost the same everywhere and also there’s not much difference in product quality. Solving problems immediately, that’s how you make the difference. Cibo has technically trained consultants with the necessary knowledge who are there to support you and give you all the help you need. They are available for you and come up with solutions in no time at all when problems occur. Stopping a production line is simply not an option. We expect a supplier to act immediately and that’s what they do at CIBO”, says Dirk Boquez, production manager at Packo.
  • RVS Finish - polishing
    Driek Brouwers, manager at RVS Finish, sets the bar very high for his suppliers. “I don’t talk much about suppliers but rather about partners”, says Driek. “We make a difference by combining various services under one roof and our combination of optimum quality with a very fast delivery time. We aim at 100% delivery reliability. Obviously our partners have to buy into this too to make it possible. And we have found exactly this match with CIBO.”
  • Karel Hadermann
    With a high-quality range of abrasive products and grinding wheels Cibo provides what Karel needs. The production of garden art in ceramic and stainless steel is not easy and top-quality material is needed. Karel has now been depending on Cibo’s product range for more than 10 years and uses it for his work every day. So he is really convinced: “Without Cibo’s material and advice I simply couldn’t achieve the kind of result I want."